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Pumpkin Head Midge -  Fly Tying Materials
Find on this page everything you
need to tie the Pumpkin Head
Midge pattern!  - john
See how to tie the Pumpkin Head Midge here
Recommended Sizes: 16- 18
Ultra Wire XS - Standard Colors Spool
Ultra Wire
Ultra Wire sizes:  Extra Small (XS), Small, Brassie, Medium
Recommend: Brassie or Extra Small Copper
Ultra Wire Brassie - Standard Colors Spools $1.60
Wingaersheek Flies
Bead Conversion Chart
Flymaster 6/0 70 Denier
per spool
Wood Duck Plummage
Recommend: Lemon
Caddis Chronicles is a blog
done by Matt Grobert. Matt is a
featured tyer at the Fly Tying
Symposium. He is also a
featured speaker at the largest
fly fishing show in the world - the
Somerset, NJ Fly Fishing Show
and will also be a featured tier at
the event.

His video is used with his
Daiichi 1560 Traditional Nymph Hook Sproat bend, Down eye. 1x heavy wire, 1x long shank. 25 per pack. Size $4.99
Pack of 25
This is the same style hook; 1x heavy, 1x long as used in the video, but is made by Daiichi.
Tungsten Cyclops Fluorescent Orange
25 beads per pkg. See Bead Conversion chart for hook sizes.
Antron Yarn
Recommended color: White
Ringneck Pheasant Centertail Clump
A wonderful clump of ringneck pheasant center tails. Typically 3 long center tails and 3-4 other shorter pheasant tails. These clumps are slighter longer than 14" and must be shipped in a long box. Consider buying more than 1 to save on postage.
Regular Price
Pheasant Tails
Natural color - 2
feathers per pack
Peacock Herl 5-7"
A must have product for every fly tier.
Recommended sizes:
2.0mm for size 18, 2.4mm for size 16