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A Word About Postage, Shipping & Handling
We stand behind our Customer Service
One of the things that sets us apart from other companies is our customer service.
We believe that every customer's order needs to be accurate and delivered
promptly. So we strive to be 100% accurate on all our orders and to turn them out
either the same day they are received or the following day.  Typically, orders
received by 2:00 pm EST get shipped out the same day.

But we're human too and we're not always perfect. Quoting the great philosopher
Dr. Seuss, " I’m sorry to say so but, sadly, it’s true that Bang-ups and Hang-ups can
happen to you."  

If you have a question, an issue or a special request, CONTACT US!  We're here to
help you and to solve your problems. We'll do our best to make things right.
Handling Charges
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How much does it cost to ship a package?
First of all, we ship via the US Postal Service unless requested otherwise. We've
had great experiences with fast and reliable delivery within the US (only 3 lost
packages in 7 years). Shipping costs are based on actual parcel weight.
85% of all
our orders go out with shipping & handling costs under $3.00
. For exact charges,
please see the Charts below.

Large orders, long items

Larger order and longer items such as peacock feathers, ostrich herl, turkey biots,
etc require a box or padded envelope to prevent damage. We're picky about the
quality of our items and we want them to arrive to you in good shape. As such, these
packages typically add 4 - 6 ounces per order.
International Orders
International Orders
We add a very nominal handling charge to offset costs that are associated with shipping and postage. These costs include
materials, ink, boxes, packages, tape and other items needed to get the order to you. For international orders, it also
includes customs documentation work.

For US orders, handling charges range between: $0.20 and $1.00 per order
For international orders, handling charges range between: $0.30 and $2.50 per order.
International orders are significantly more challenging. Once an order leaves the US Postal Service, it gets handed over to
the in country postal service for final delivery. Once that happens, we lose all visibility of a package and the ability to track it.
What makes Fedex and UPS unique is that a package never leaves their control. They track it all the way to the final delivery.
And of course they have you pay for that service. We will ship via Fedex or UPS internationally if requested, just don't be
surprised at the costs...

The other interesting thing about international orders is customs and duties (taxes). The amount of time it takes to clear
customs varies by country and time of year. Expect delays during key holidays!!  Remember you, the customer, are also
responsible for any duties or taxes based on the items we send. Please do not ask us to mark the item as a gift or to under
value the parcel as that is dishonest.  We will mark the items at a FAIR VALUE and you will generally be pleased with that

Italy is unique and is truly the only country where we have consistently unreliable delivery service.
Italian customers please
take note
: If an item is undelivered to you, we will reship the parcel to you ONCE more, but you will be expected to pay the
additional S&H charges
!  We have long considered not shipping at all to Italy, but we have a number of very loyal customers
there. This is our way of trying to continue to provide a valuable service to the beautiful country of Italy.
Domestic (US) Orders
S&H charge
less than 1 oz
< 2 oz.
< 3 oz.
< 4 oz.
< 5 oz.
< 6 oz
< 7 oz.
< 8 oz.
< 9 oz.
< 10 oz
< 11 oz.
< 12 oz.
< 13 oz.
> 14 oz.
$5.25 - $6.75
> 1 pound
Call for quote
Anything over 13 ounces will be send via US
Postal Service Priority Mail. First class mail is
not an option for these larger packages.
less than 1 oz
< 2 oz.
< 3 oz.
< 4 oz.
< 5 oz.
< 6 oz
< 7 oz.
< 8 oz.
< 12 oz.
< 14 oz
< 16 oz.
> 1 pound
> 453
Call for
All S&H charges include customs
documentation and prep work.  First class
international mail is available for parcels up
to 2 pounds. Canadian customers have
slightly lower international rates.
Updated April 16, 2011