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Fly Tying Materials - Glass Beads
Hook sizes are close estimates.
Hook sizes differ slightly by manufacturer.
Wingaersheek Flies
Bead Conversion Chart
Glass Beads
I want to see slotted tungsten beads, tungsten faceted (disco ball), tungsten dumbbells or hour glass beads, tungsten ribbed shrimp / scud bodies.
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brass beads.
Bead Containers
Plastic Round Container - 6 Compartments
Ideal for tungsten or brass beads or lots of other uses. Fits easily in vests and pockets.
Check out our new fly tying
glasses / magnifying glasses
Check out our fly tying
glasses / magnifying glasses
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Florent Fraicher lands a
beautiful trout using a 4.6mm
black tungsten bead on the no
kill stretch of the La Roya River
in France. Photo used with
7 Compartment Plastic Container
Flip top lids make access easy. Small compact size fits easily into vests or pockets.
Hareline Bead Pad
5 x 7.5 in.
A great new product by Hareline. This silicon based pad is perfect to keep your beads from running off your table or workspace. This pad holds beads nicely and allows for easy pick-up. Stop losing beads and spending time on your hands and knees looking for run-away beads. Pays itself back in no time!
Small Glass Beads
Perfect Glass Beads for Fly Tyers! Small size is for hook sizes 12 - 18. Irr stands for iridescent and Tr stands for translucent. Roughly a 2.0mm size. Approx. 200 beads per package!
Glass Beads Medium
Perfect Glass Beads for Fly Tyers! Medium size is for hook sizes 8 - 12. SL stands for Silver Lined and Tr stands for translucent. Roughly a 2.8mm size. Approx. 125 beads per package!