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Foam, McFlyFoam, Foam Cutters & Synthetic Legs
Crazy Legs
Silicone skirting that is used in many fly patterns for both fresh and saltwater.
Foam Cutters
Synthetic Legs
"My father was very sure about
certain matters pertaining to the
universe. To him, all good things -
trout as well as eternal salvation -
come by grace and grace comes
by art and art does not come easy."
-Norman Maclean-A River Runs
Through It
Beavertail Foam Body Cutter
The Beavertail can be used for everything from trout patterns like Salmon flies and Hoppers to big foam bass flies. A versatile, generic terrestrials shape that includes a built-in thorax and head. Use multiple layers of foam to get a substantial bug body! Medium (sizes 6-8), Large (sizes 2-4)
Damsel/Dragonfly Foam Body Cutter
Whether you like lake fishing for trout or bass, this foam body is dynamite for adult damsel and dragonfly patterns! Simply tie in your favorite wing material with the tail of the body at the bend of the hook, dub a thorax, pull the body over, and tie down behind the head. It's that easy. For an ultra-realistic look, stripe the body with a black permanent marker before tying the body in! Available sizes: Large (8) and Medium (10)
Fly Foam 2mm
This is the standard 2mm foam for creating all your favorite foam patterns. Wide availability of colors.
Large Foam Cylinders - 3/16"
Great for hoppers & small flies. Use these slightly larger foam cylinders to tie larger floating hoppers and extended body fly patterns. Each cylinder is over 1" long. 10 per package.
Medium Foam Cylinders 1/8"
Great for hoppers & small flies. Use these foam cylinders to tie naturally high floating hopper and extended body fly patterns. Each cylinder is over 1" long. 10 per package.
Medium Round Rubber Legs
Need a lot of legs? This is for you! Ideal for legs on poppers, bass bugs, and terrestrials. Approximately 2' per package. Makes hundreds of legs!
Rainy's Float Foam
Rainy's FLOAT Foam has become a standard in the industry. Perfect for tying terrestrials and other foam uses, or to be used as a sight indicator. Perfect for tying beetles, ants, cicadas, crickets, hoppers, salmon flies, dragon flies, etc. Won't sink, durable and tying instructions for seven different flies included. 24" per pkg.
Chernobyl Ant (Round) Foam Body Cutter
For Those who prefer the look of a rounded end at the front and back of their Chernobyl Ants. Available in Medium (Sizes 6-8) and Large (Sizes 2-4)
Bumble Bee Foam Popper
Ideal for bee and wasp bodies. 3/16". 6 cylinders per pack.
Frog Foam
This foam is printed with black mottled spots on 3 different background colors which make it perfect for frog patterns. 2 foam pieces per pkg at 3 ″ x 5 3/8″ each.
1.5mm Fly Foam
Ultra thin 1.5mm fly foam. Great for adding depth to your pattern Great for the underside of frog patterns too!
Adult Damsel Bodies
Dyed and painted braided mono makes great extended body damsels. 1 yd per package.
Frog Foam Body Cutter
A great cutter for a wide variety of uses! Ideal for bass, pike, walleye, and even tarpon. Easy to tie and effective! Combine with our frog foam, white foam and crazy legs, some doll eyes and you're ready to go!
Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs - Medium
A very natural looking
rubber leg. Dark barred
markings on round rubber
Hopper Leg Cutters
If you're tying hopper patterns, you're going to want this tool. It's the perfect tool for cutting consistently shaped hopper legs! Creating matching pairs has never been easier.
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Joe Blado's Crease Fly Cutter
Joe Blado's crease fly cutter for saltwater patterns. Mady by River Road Creations. Ideal for saltwater minnow patterns! Simply cut, double the material over the hook and secure the hook and tail. They're ideal with Crystal Skin!
Crystal Skin - Thick
Crystal Skin - Thin
Notes: Fl. Cerise is the same as
Fluorescent Pink. Orange is the
same as Fluorescent Orange.
Chartreuse is similar to
Fluorescent Yellow.
A must have for salmon season! The easiest yarn to tie, cut and trim for eggs and crafted patterns like egg sucking leeches, sculpins, and woolhead flies. Limited colors in stock. All colors available by request. Just indicate in the note section what colors you want and we'll have it to you within 7 business days.
Wapsi Bug Bodies - Spider
The Spider body is designed to float extra high and is perfect for holding a stout hook, rubber legs, etc., thus, it is the perfect choice for bass and panfish flies. One neat use for the bodies is for tying Cicada patterns too! These popular foam shapes make tying a terrestrial fly a breeze. Size 10 bodies come 24 pieces to a package and size 8's are 18 to a package.