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Hareline Dubbin
The standard for dubbing. 100% rabbit hair perfectly blended and available in many colors. Easy to use.
$11.75 Hareline Dubbin 6 pack
A set of 6 of the best selling dubbing we have: 1 each of Adam's Gray, Dark Dun, Dark Hare's Ear, Hare's Ear, Lt Cahill and March Brown.
Adam's Gray
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Dark Dun
Hare's Ear
Hare's Ear
Lt. Cahill
March Brown
Caddis Green
Pale Yellow
Master Class SLF
30 small cubes of SLF or Synthetic Living Fiber. SLF standard dubbing is the original synthetic living fiber. Tremendously popular and widely used for its unique translucence and lifelike sparkle. Broad color range invites use for almost any pattern.
Lt. Olive
Choc Brown
Olive Brown
Olive Hare's
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Hareline Dubbin 12 Pack Dispenser
Hareline Dubbin's 12 most popular colors. We buy the Hareline Dubbin in bulk, use the same box Hareline does and package it ourselves to save you a few dollars. Same material, same box, different label and a few dollars less. You decide.
L-R, top to bottom:
Light Cahill, March Brown, Adam's Gray, Hare's Ear,
Dark Hare's Ear, Black.

Olive, Caddis Green, Chocolate Brown, Cinnamon
Caddis Olive Brown, Olive Hare's Ear.
Scud Dub
Super bright and easy to dub. Picks out perfectly for all your scud and shrimp needs.
Peacock Dubbing
Available in Peacock
Green, UV Green and
UV Bronze.
This artificial product is a great substitution of natural peacock herl. Easy to tie and buggy looking. Makes durable "peacock" fly bodies.
Rainbow Scud Dub (light and dark)
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Dubbing Brush - Hare'sEar Plus
L-R: Olive
Brown, Olive,
Making perfectly dubbed flies just got even easier! These dubbing brushes are made using the very popular Hareline Hares Ear Plus dubbing. Great for tying trout nymphs in natural colors. Dubbing brushes are packed in bags of 10 pcs.
Hare's Ear Plus Dubbin
Rabbit and guard hairs make it very spikey. Add some antron for some sparkle and you have a great dubbing mix!
Ice Dub
An ideal dubbing product for use as a thorax on nymphs and emergers especially. Super soft dubbing with flashabou like sparkle. Super easy to use!
UV Black
See the YouTube video on how to use the Turbo Spinning Block here:
Download how to use instructions here:
Turbo Spinning Block Instructions
Turbo Spinning Block
The ultimate tool for making dubbing brushes, softdubs, CDC hackles and microcables. This is a very hot product! If you are into dubbing loops you will definitely want to have a closer look at this tool. The kit includes the spinning block, 2 spools of dubbing brush wire (copper and stainless steel), 2 bags of dubbing and instructions for making dubbing brushes.