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On-Stream Accessories - Dropper Flies & Tandem Rigs
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Dead-drifted, this rig puts
the larger fly on the bottom,
while the bottom fly imitates
an insect that has been
knocked into the drift.
Dropper Roller
A small polcarbonate roller that supports the free rotation of a dropper fly (flies). It enables a perfect non-disturbed presentation of the dropper fly in all layers of water as well as on the water surface. Enables a quick exchange of the dropper fly and keeps the dropper from getting tangled around the main mono leader.
Micro Titanium rings
These leader Micro Rings are made out of titanium-coated stainless steel. They are tiny (1.6 mm) in diameter, but very strong with a breaking strength of 25 lbs (12kg). Great for quickly changing the tippet without shortening the leader. Safely replace kevlar and wire leaders, great for making droppers. 10 per package.
Why to use Dropper Rollers & Titanium Rings
1. Rollers prevent the unpleasant wrapping of dropper flies around the main leader
2. Rollers enable a quick exchange of the dropper flies
3. Rollers save the relatively expensive fluorocarbon for the dropper fly
4. Rollers are strong enough to overcome even the biggest fish
5. Rollers are so tiny and clear that you don't have to worry about scaring fish
6. Roller hole has a diameter 0.3 mm, which is large enough for most monofilament diameters

Beginners should consider preparing your main leader safely at home. Be sure your roller
won't come off!
How to use Dropper Rollers & Titanium Rings
1. Red line is primary leader connected to your fly line. Blue line is the primary tippet or continued leader
2. Make sure the flat end of the roller is facing the flies (away from the fly line)
3. Ensure your know not only holds your tippet well, but is sufficiently large enough to keep the roller from slipping through
4. Attach the dropper tippet to the roller
5. Titanium rings prevent slippage of the roller
6. Titanium rings allow for quick exchange of the primary fly
7. T-rings allow you to keep on a kevlar or wire leader and exchange flies quickly
Illustration: Multi-rigged line
Note: Please check whether dropper flies & tandem rigs are permitted where you
fish. Some states and locations prohibit the use of more than one fly!
European Nymphing, Techniques & Fly Tying with Aaron Jasper
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Update May 7, 2011 - We are currently out of
stock on the rollers. We expect more in stock
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