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Fly Tying Materials - Tungsten Beads
Tungsten Hourglass Beads
Hourglass sizes are based on height
(in mm) and by length (in mm).
So 5x8mm is 5mm high by 8mm long
Tungsten Hourglass Beads - Gold - 3x5mm
20 beads per pkg.
Tungsten Hourglass Beads - Gold - 5x8mm
20 beads per pkg.
Tungsten Hourglass Beads - Gold -4x6mm
20 beads per pkg.
Tungsten Hourglass Beads - Nickel - 3x5mm
20 beads per pkg.
Tungsten Hourglass Beads - Nickel - 4x6mm
20 beads per pkg.
Tungsten Hourglass Beads - Nickel - 5x8mm
20 beads per pkg.
Bead Containers
7 Compartment Plastic Container
Flip top lids make access easy. Small compact size fits easily into vests or pockets.
Plastic Round Container - 6 Compartments
Ideal for tungsten or brass beads or lots of other uses. Fits easily in vests and pockets.
Ribbed Tungsten Scud / Shrimp Bodies
15 beads per pkg.
Regular Price:
Finally!! A custom designed, tungsten weighted
body, specifically designed for scuds and shrimp.   
With a slotted bottom, the tungsten body fits easily
onto the hook. The grooved body not only looks
like the scud / shrimp body, but makes it easy to
tie on as well.

length      width          height   
Extra Small: 8mm     x  2mm      x  2 mm
Small:          8.5 mm x  2.5 mm  x  2.5 mm
Medium:     10 mm   x  3 mm     x   3 mm
Large:          11mm   x 3.5mm    x  3.5mm   

They are sized for hooks as shown (approximately):
Extra Small: 16-18
Small: 12-14
Medium: 8-10
Large: 4-8
1/8" Scud Back
Same material as the 1/4" Scud back, but ideal for size 12 and smaller.
1/4" Scud Back
Great for shells and wing cases. Perfect for scuds, midges and shrimp. 1/4" perfect for size 12 and larger. 1 yard per pack.
Nymph Stretch Skin
Looking to make more realistic nymph patterns with better segmentation? These latex strips are 1/8 inch wide and will form to your hook or underbody like a glove. Also great for grub patterns. 2 yards per package.
I want to see cyclops tungsten beads,   slotted tungsten beads.   Take me to brass beads.
Tungsten Cone heads for Tube Flies
These special tungsten cone heads have been sized to fit snugly over the micro tubing. The micro tubing slides neatly
inside and nests inside any of the 1/8" tubing for great bottle tubes.
Please note: Only 10 beads per package!!
These special tungsten cone heads have a hole designed to fit the HMH Micro tubing to tie any nested tube pattern. Or tie the cone heads directly on the micro tubing. 1/4" diameter cones. 10 per package. $4.99
Tungsten Coneheads for Tube Flies
Check out our fly tying glasses
/ magnifying glasses
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Tungsten Faceted (Disco Ball) Slotted Beads
These gold facted beads reflect sunlight like a disco ball. The reflection will draw
the attention of fish and draw it closer to inspect and hopefully take!  Slotted
only. Gold only.
Tungsten Slotted Faceted Gold Bead 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 2.8mm
Ribbed Tungsten Scud / Shrimp Bodies
Tungsten Slotted Faceted Gold Beads 3.2mm
Pictured is a 3.2mm or 1/8 inch gold faceted
slotted bead on a Skalka G #14 hook.
Hareline Bead Pad
5 x 7.5 in.
A great new product by Hareline. This silicon based pad is perfect to keep your beads from running off your table or workspace. This pad holds beads nicely and allows for easy pick-up. Stop losing beads and spending time on your hands and knees looking for run-away beads. Pays itself back in no time!
Other Tungsten Products
Tung Fu - Tungsten Putty
Tung-Fu Tungsten Putty is an easy to use lead-free putty weight. Non-toxic and 30% heavier than lead, this tungsten putty can be rolled onto your line, around a hook or on a fly. It's pliable down to 0 F and solid up to 150 F. Each pack contains 20 grams.