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About Wingaersheek Flies
Who We Are
Wingaersheek Flies is a small, privately owned
business.  Our employees love the outdoors and
believe in preserving it for generations to come.
Based in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the oldest
seaport in America and one of the largest active
fishing ports in North America, no better place could
be more fitting for our store.   

We believe in working to make nature a better place
for all of us to live in.  As a result, you'll only find a few
lead products (e.g. lead wire) here.  We try to be
environmentally conscious with the products we sell
and hope you do as well.  A portion of each year's
profit is returned to conservancy groups to improve fly
fishing for our progeny.
What we strive for
We believe that customer service is still important and that quality goods can still be found
for reasonable prices
. We work extremely hard to find great products at great prices.  We
strive to find prodcuts for beginners as well as for seasoned anglers. But the result is
always a quality products for the price. Our goal is to make
your shopping easy so you can
spend more time fly fishing.
Annisquam Light House.  Is still a
working light house today to help
guide boaters through the narrow
Annisquan River into Gloucester.
What or Where is Wingaersheek?
Wingaersheek Beach is tucked in a snug cove just
across the Annisquam River west of Gloucester, MA.
It's a beautiful beach full of sand dunes and is
located in picturesque Cape Ann (the other cape).  To
learn more about Wingaersheek, click