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Veevus products are made in
Denmark and are reknown for their
Veevus Thread 8/0
100m or about 300 yards per spool
Veevus thread is manufactured in Denmark and has an amazing strength to size ratio. For example, the 8/0 thread has a breaking
strength of over 2 .3 punds, which is nearly twice the strength of similar UNI or Gudebrod 8/0 threads. Similarly, the Veevus 10/0 is
stronger than UTC, Gudebrod and Bennichi 10/0 threads. And you'll absolutely love the strength of the french tinsel. Try it and
discover Veevus!
Veevus Thread 10/0
100m or about 300 yards per spool.
Currently only black
& white in stock.  
More colors coming!
Check back soon!
Veevus French Tinsel
The Veevus French Tinsel is built differently from other French Tinsels on the market. It is much stronger, which gives your the ability to wind it nice and tight around the hook. Furthermore, it won't "open up" while winding. Try it, you will be amazed! Small = 15m Medium = 10m