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Gold/Silver Mylar Tinsel
Gold on one side, silver on the other
Pearlescent Mylar
Gold Oval Mylar Tinsel
Gold Embossed Tinsel
Gold Wire - Fine
20 yards per spool
Copper Wire - Medium
Silver Oval Mylar Tinsel
Silver Embossed Tinsel
Silver Wire - Fine
20 yards per spool
Tinsel, Wire & Vinyl Ribbing
Lead Free Round Wire
This is a great product that all fly tiers need to have on their bench. Not only is this wire a great non-toxic alternative to lead wire, but it's practical and utilitarian in that it is heavy enough to get your flies down quickly. The wire is easy to work and nearly as pliable as lead, but without of course the harmful environmental effects. This soft round wire comes on standard thread spools for convenient accessibility. Perfect for nymphs, wire-ribbed flies and more.
Regular Wire
Gold Wire - Medium
Holographic Flat Tinsel
Holographic tinsels have great refractive qualities with irridescent accents. Great for salt water patterns or as an extra attractor. Gold and Silver made by UTC. Other colors made by Cascade Crest Tools.
Ultra Wire XS - Special Colors Spools
Ultra Wire XS - Standard Colors Spool
Vinyl Rib
Vinyl Rib is a semi-translucent half round ribbing (D-shaped) that has many uses for segmented bodies. The large size is great for large stoneflies, streamers and saltwater patterns. The medium size is for crazy charlies, stoneflies and large nymphs. Made by Wapsi.
Lagartun Varnished Wire
This wire is highly polished and smoothly varnished for an incredibly bright finish. This wire is ideal for tying fine salmon flies or cutting edge steelhead flies. It produces a superb quality product and reflect light wonderfully.
Flat Tinsel
Other Tinsel
Vinyl Ribbing
"It's just that the longer I fish, the
more I long for simplification
and lightness." - Tom Sutcliff,
MD "Reflections on Fishing"
Lead Free & Lead Wire
Flat Lead Wire
Left side: fine wire & Mustad 3906 #18
Right side: medium wire & Mustad 3906 #10
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We're not fans of selling lead wire, however this special lead wire is so ideal for the weighting of flies we had to add it to our inventory. The flat lead wire lays flat around the hook, without adding bulk. Great for czech nymphs, vladi worms and other patterns that need weight without bulk. Fine is ideal for hook sizes 10 and smaller. The fine package has ~ 30 strips, 12" in length. Medium is ideal for hook sizes 10 and larger. The medium package has ~ 16 strips, 12" in length. Before purchasing this product, please also consider using the lead-free wire in the 0.015 size.
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Black Wire - Medium
Great for ribbing. 20 yards per spool.
Silver Wire - Medium
20 yards per spool
Adhesive Lead Foil
As thin as the foil from a wine bottle but self adhesive. Use where bulk needs to be kept to a minimum in slim profile nymphs or for fly tubes or Waddingtons. The application of this material to a plastic tube makes it as heavy as brass at very low cost and without a noticeable increase in diameter. 2" x 5".
Lagartun Wire
Ultra Wire
Ultra Wire sizes:  Extra Small (XS), Small, Brassie, Medium
Ultra Wire Brassie - Special Colors Spools $2.60
Ultra Wire is a non-tarnishing copper wire used for ribbing, weight, flash, wire bodies and brushes.
Some Ultra Wire colors require extra processing on the finish. These spools, called special colors, carry a premium price.
Ultra Wire Brassie - Standard Colors Spools $1.60
Ultra Wire Medium - Standard Colors Spools $1.60
Ultra Wire Medium - Special Colors Spools $2.60
Note: Price increase on this product will
be going to $2.49 on Nov 1, 2010 due to
manufacturer's increase.
Flat Diamond Braid
A nice flat mylar braid. Lays super flat. Great as a flashback, adds sparkle to bodies and perfect for many saltwater patterns too! 4 yards per pkg.
Dyed Pearl Diamond Braid
A shimmering material that adds depth and attention to wet flies. Similar to chenille, but with a pearlescent shine. Easy to work with and ideal for steelhead muddlers and other steelhead wet flies. 4 yards / package.
Ultra Wire Small - Special Colors Colors
Ultra Wire Small - Standard Colors Colors $1.60
Lead Wire
Round lead wire. Fine wire is .015 diameter and the medium is .020 diameter. 15 feet per spool. Warning: Lead may cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. Do not eat, or allow fish to eat any flies you make with this material. Please consider the lead free wire instead.