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Ringneck Pheasant Centertail Clump
A wonderful clump of ringneck pheasant center tails. Typically 3 long center tails and 3-4 other shorter pheasant tails. These clumps are slighter longer than 14" and must be shipped in a long box. Consider buying more than 1 to save on postage.
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Woolly Bugger Saddle Hackle
Long 6-7 inch saddle hackle which is ideal for woolly buggers. A large, full ounce package.
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Worm Green
Apple Green
Dark Brown
Danville Chenille
White is also available!
Insect Green
Standard Chenille
5 yards per bobbin. Standard size for most wolly bugger patterns. Thicker in diameter than fine and ultra-fine.
On Sale!
It's tying season!! And who else but us would be crazy enough to LOWER prices during peak demand?

We've taken some highly used products and REDUCED them for a limited time. We expect (hope) that
inventory may be in tight supply, so if items are unavailable, check back in a few days!!
6 pack of Danville Black
Danville 6/0 thread is a 200 yard spool, 70 denier. The 140 and 210 denier are 100 yard spools. Black only!
We get asked all the time, what is the difference in the Danville
threads. The difference is primarily in the weight and thickness of the
thread. Danville 6/0 70 denier is the lightest of the group. It's ideal for
#14 and smaller flies. Perfect for low bulk and it lays flat beautifully.
Danville 140 is a great thread for building bulk faster and for larger
flies, terrestrials or tying hair down. Danville 210 is the heaviest and
strongest thread. Great for building big, bulky flies, salt water patterns
or cinching down hard on material.
6 Spools of Kevlar - Mixed Colors
6 spools of kevlar thread. 1 each of: Black, Brown, Lt Brown, Natural, Olive and Red. 50 yards per spool.