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Fly Tying Material - Kevlar, Antron Yarn, Silk & Braid
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Antron Yarn
A fantastic, versatile product that has unlimited uses. Use as posts on your parachute bugs, trailing shucks for your emergers/cripples, wings for your spinners, bodies for your nymphs and the list goes on. Great sparkle and separates easily for smaller flies.
Kevlar thread
A super strong thread for glo bugs, spinning hair or salt water patterns. Caution: Do not try to break thread with your fingers! It will cut your fingers and can bend hooks. 50 yds/spool. Natural kevlar is by UTC Colored Kevlar is by Cascade Crest Tools.
A beautiful mayfly (baetis) tied with
Antron Yarn.  Picture and fly by
Dagfinn Thorkildsen, Norway
(used with his permission)
Another great mayfly pattern
using Antron Yarn.  Picture
and fly by Dagfinn
Thorkildsen, Norway (used
with his permission)
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Siliconized Polypropylene Yarn
Great for spinners, shucks and emergers. The silicon adds extra buoyancy and are great parachutes. 4 ft / pkg.
6 Spools of Kevlar - Mixed Colors
6 spools of kevlar thread. 1 each of: Black, Brown, Lt Brown, Natural, Olive and Red. 50 yards per spool.
Lt. Brown
Pearsall's Gossamer Silk Thread
The perfect thread for traditional wet flies. Pearsall Gossamer silk thread is the best choice for classic soft hackles, as it holds much better when it is wet than synthetic flosses. Used in classic fly tying and bamboo rod building. 45 meter per spool.
Glo Bugs Micro Yarn
Glo Bugs Micro Yarn is small diameter yarn used for tying micro glo bugs sucker spawn and glo spawn patterns commonly used for steelhead and salmon. Combine several colors of Glo Bugs Micro Yarn to tie glo bug clown eggs. 25 feet per package. More colors to come!
Gel Spun Polyethylete (GSP) 100
Ultra GSP is probably the strongest thread on the planet. Boasting steel-like strength for its weight, this thread really lets you put the pressure on! This thread is supple and ties flat. GSP 100 has all around versatility for fresh and saltwater flies. It is an excellent thread for bonefish and permit fly patterns and a favorite pick for trout and smallmouth bass streamers. More colors to come soon! By UTC. 50 yards/spool.
Gordon Griffith's 14/0 Sheer Ultrafine Thread
A super sheer 14/0 thread for tying size 20 flies and smaller. A single ply polyester thread that is lightly waxed and quite strong for how thin it is. Ideal for trying to keep bodies slim, no build-up and small heads. Made in the UK. 100 meters/spool.
Micro Braid
Micro Braid is a two toned micro Mylar braid that adds a new dimension to mini flash flies. Awesome for Chironomids!! Works great for ribbing and tapers easily. 20 foot spool.
Micro Braid 5 pack
5 packs of Micro-Braid. 1 spool of each color. 20 feet per spool.
Flat Diamond Braid
A nice flat mylar braid. Lays super flat. Great as a flashback, adds sparkle to bodies and perfect for many saltwater patterns too! 4 yards per pkg.
Chironomid Braid
This is a very nice, new body braid material designed to tie small chironomid lake patterns. The ultra fine hollow braided construction and unique pearl colors make it possible to tie some very nice fish catching flies. The material lays flat on the hook so there is no buildup or bulk. Rib with some fine wire to reinforce and add the look of segmentation. Ideal for chironomids, midge bodies and streamer patterns.
UNI 17/0 Trico Thread
If you are tying flies smaller than size 20 then this is ideal for you. This extra-fine (40 denier) polyester thread, is amazingly strong for its diameter. Perfect for trico, baetis, midges, micro-caddis, and realistic patterns. Comes in white only. Hit with a permanent, waterproof marker to get the desired color. Breaking strength is 4 ounces. 200 yards per spool.
UNI Nylon Strecth
Stretches tightly and is ideal for scud under bodies. Lays flat. 30 yards per spool.
Dyed Pearl Diamond Braid
A shimmering material that adds depth and attention to wet flies. Similar to chenille, but with a pearlescent shine. Easy to work with and ideal for steelhead muddlers and other steelhead wet flies. 4 yards / package.
Hends Body Quills
Hends body quill is a shiny, sparkly synthetic material that is great for creating transparent bodies. Designed to imitate dyed peacock quills, the 3 wrapped strands are both shiny and opaque. This is very narrow material and can be used on very small flies. A very versatile material. 24 yards per spool.
Pictures of Hends Body Quill colors will
be coming soon!