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Waterbased Head Cement
Clear flexible polymer coating for locking fly threads or building fly heads. 1 oz. bottle.
Hard Head Fly Finish
A water-based polyurethane formula for building colorful, glossy heads and bodies on your favorite fly patterns. One component replaces messy epoxies. Odorless.
1oz Bar of Bees Wax
Great for adding wax to unwaxed thread or for use in applying dubbing to thread. Bee's wax can also be used as a natural floatant because it's impervious to water and biodegradable.
Other Fly Tying Materials
Completely waterproof super-glue. Dries in 10 seconds. Great for eyes, dumbbells and whip finishes.
Water Shed
  • Water Shed is a permanent waterproofing agent for
    flies, materials, dubbing, feathers, yarns, leaders,
    braided loops and fly lines.
  • Water Shed will not leave oil rings or residues of
    any kind on the water surface.
  • Water Shed will not change colors or the texture of
    tying materials.(i.e. It wont affect the softness of
    hair or hackles).
  • Water Shed is completely ordorless and colorless.
  • Floatability is not affected in any way by fish or
    weed slime.
  • Can be applied directly or dabbed on with fingers.
    One or two drops is all that is needed to pre-treat
    your flies.
  • Curing takes 24 hours. So it must be applied at
    least 1 day BEFORE use.
  • When cured, Water Shed has a specific gravity
    lower than water and will make virtually any dry fly
    material float like a cork.
  • Works as well with synthetic materials as natural
Glass Rattles
Pyrex glass rattles for creating loud sounds under water. Torpedo shaped. Great for bass and saltwater patterns! 12/pack
No Fray Wing Material
A realistic, sparkling material that can be cut or burned to shape. Won't fray or fall apart. Makes very realistic wings. Ideal for caddis and hopper patterns. 5.5" x 7" in size.
Loon Water Based Thinner
Perfect for thinning Loon Water Based Head Cement or any water based cement!
Poppers - Includes poppers & hooks
Great for bass, panfish and top-fishing! 10 hooks / poppers per packs. Made by Wapsi.
Pencil Poppers & Hooks
Great for bass, big browns, salt water and other top-fishing! 10 hooks / poppers per packs. Made by Wapsi.
Wapsi Super Sticky Wax
This is a super sticky tube of wax - great for dubbing. It's odorless, colorless and won't dry on you.
Zap-A-Gap Brush On
ZAP-A-GAP Brush-On has a handy brush cap for neat, quick and precise glue application. Great for fly-tying, knotless line & leader connections and improves knot strength and smoothness. Precision micro tips included. 0.25 fluid oz.
A clear flexible coating that is great for forming bodies and coating heads and eyes with a clear protective layer. 100 ml.