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Loon Fly Line
Color: Chartreuse. 35 yards
Designed for modern graphite rods. The Weight Forward Floating Line is the highest floating, state of the art line available. The Teflon treated Flex-Cote coating has a slick, stiffer finish with a very low coefficient of friction for long, accurate casts. Sinking Lines are Fast sink lines: 2-4 ips.
Teeny Gary LaFontaine Olive
The chosen line of Gary Lafontaine with an improved weight forward line. Specifically designed for dry line trout tactics. Length is 82'. Color is olive green.
Teeny Lefty Kreh Saltwater Intermediate Sink
Teeny Professional Series Fly line. A great multipurpose line for situations when distance and accuracy are important. Fishing for stripers and blues off the East Coast requires a line like this. Designed for Power casting, windy conditions and turning over big flies. Length is 90 feet. Color is Gray.
On-Stream Accessories - Fly Lines
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Rio Braided Loops
Rio Braided Loops make it quick and easy way to attach your leader to the fly line or the backing to the line. Available in 2 sizes: regular (for 3-6 wt. lines), large (for 7-12 wt. lines). 4 loops per pack.
Scientific Angler, Wet Cel Sinking Fly LineType IV, WF-9S
Scientific Angler's Wet Cel Fly line is the original full sinking line. The line exhibits a consistent and uniform sink rate, from the line tip through the belly. Its thin diameter ensures it casts well in the wind. This line is very effective for nymphing, streamers, lakes and deeper rivers. The taper demonstrates superior casting over other sinking lines and the mid–length head provides enhanced distance and control. The core is single–strand monofilament nylon and the coating is specially formulated 3M PVC integrated with powdered tungsten or high–density glass beads. The type IV line is gray in color, 82′ in length and has a sink rate of 3.75 - 6.50 ips.
Scientific Angler, Air Cel Supreme 2, WF-9F
Scientifc Angler's Air Cel Supreme 2 is an excellent general–purpose line for all weather. This line features optimal line density for high floatation and is extremely supple for ease of use in all conditions. The core is braided multifilament nylon, and the coating is 3M PVC formulated with special internal lubricants to increase slickness and enhance casting. The coating also has integrated UV inhibitors for increased durability. Available in ivory only. Length 85′.
Loon Outdoors Stream Line
Stream Line is a water-based fly line cleaner and floatant. You can apply this while on stream and use it immediately. So it is a cleaner, lubricant and floatant. Do not use this on sinking lines or sinking tip lines.
Loon Outdoors Line Speed
Line Speed is a silicon based lubricant for fly lines. It cleans, conditions and provides a UV protectant on the line. For immediate use, apply with a rag, let cure for at least 5 minutes and then buff off the line. Best performance is achieved by applying Line Speed 3 times a year. After each application, let the line cure for 24 hours, then buff dry and clean.