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Small Fly Box with Nubby Tack
4.25" x 2.875" x 1.125"
Compact enough to carry yet these solid plastic boxes are durable. Attention to details, like full-length brass hinge pins, easy-opening latches, and lanyard tabs, paired with Nubby TackŪ liners make this a great little box.
Small Fly Box with Ripple/Ripple
4.25" x 2.875" x 1.125"
The same great fly box only this box has rippled foam on both halves. Available in Black only.
Medium Fly Box with Flat / Ripple
5.625" x 3.75" x 1.375"
We're pleased to offer the medium fly box with flat foam on one side with ripple on the other. You can have it in any color you want, as long as it's Black.
Medium Fly Box with Nubby Tack
5.625" x 3.75" x 1.375"
I absolutely love these boxes. The boxes with nubby tack save space AND protect my flies. With the nubby tack, you can place your flies in hook first, protecting the fly itself. Since the fly isn't laying on it's side, you can fit more flies per box than with clips.
Large Fly Box with Nubby Tack
8.125" x 4.125" x 1.75"
Great for holding streamer, salmon and steelhead flies that are awkward to carry or take too much room in other boxes. This fly box has 'cargo room' and with the Nubby Tack, you'll find even more space than you thought you had!
12 Compartment Midge Box - Clear
3/4" Thick!
With a slim profile of only 3/4" thick, this are sleek boxes that are practical. Their brass hinge pins, easy-snap latches and snap-together feet make these boxes that can be used just about anywhere for just about anything.
Wingaersheek Fly Box
1" x 1" x 1"
These are great little boxes for storing all kinds of things such as hooks, beads, and maybe even some flies. Small and compact but made of durable plastic, these are great little boxes. To open, just squeeze the sides and lift the tab. Snaps shut securely.
On-Stream Accessories - Quality Fly Boxes
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Clip-On Fly Box w/Belt Clip
6" x 4" x 1"
This fabulous little clip box has an ergonomic profile and a tension clip for added security and convenience. Load one with dries and another with dry flies! Clip one to your waders, vest, belt or pocket. This box helps to keep your flies easily at hand, but safe and secure. Dimension are 6Lx4Wx1h. Features a Full-Length brass hinge pin, clear view lid.