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CDC Feathers
Cul de Canard. These feather puffs
from duck  have natural oils that
make it perfectly suited for dries,
emergers and floating nymphs.
CDC feathers provide great natural
Pair of Mottled Turkey Feathers
Pkg of Partridge Feathers - Natural (100)
Large package of 100 top quality partridge feathers. Great for hackles.
Peacock Herl 5-7"
A must have product for every fly tier.
Pheasant Tails
Perfect for nymphs, wings and wingcases. 2 feathers per pack.
Wood Duck Plummage
Fly Tying Material - Feathers
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Ostrich Herl
Ostrich herl is the perfect material for smaller stillwater patterns. The individual fibers move and 'breathe' on their own making ostrich ideal for callibaetis nymphs, damsels, water boatmen and scuds. 1 quill/package.
Stripped Goose Biots
From the leading edge of the goose wing feathers, these extremely stiff feathers make great antennas, legs, tail, and quill bodies. Ideal for BWO, Nymph and Stone fly patterns. 4 biots per pkg.
Strung Marabou Quills
The best selling marabou we carry. Can be used virtually for all marabou needs. Quality selected strung marabou. Great for Buggers, Streamers, Nymphs, Emergers and jigs.
Turkey Biots
Great for tails, wingcases, quill wings, quill-bodied flies, including nymphs and dries. Similar to goose biots but longer. 1 pair per package. Note: Because these feathers are used for their stems, the hackle may be partly stripped, broken or irregular. Stem tips may be broken or splintered.
Coq de Leon
Perhaps the best tailing material around. Also great as wings, feelers and parchute posts on many trout dry flies. 12 feathers / pkg
Golden Pheasant - Complete Head, crest & tippets
The golden pheasant crest is long, bright and yellow & is great for streamer and baitfish patterns. The neck (tippet) feathers are orange and black barred. These tippet feathers are ideal for trout, steelhead and salmon patterns.
Golden Pheasant - Complete skin, except tail
Golden pheasant necks are an excellent resource for tying classic salmon patterns, dry fly attractor patterns, and streamers. Includes crest, tippet and feathers exscept for the tail. The crest is a long, bright yellow & great for streamer and baitfish patterns. The neck (tippet) feathers are orange and black barred. These tippet feathers are ideal for trout, steelhead and salmon patterns. The rest of the body feathers are bright red, yellowish–orange, and metallic green with black tips. A great resource for any tyers bench - at a great price too!
Woolly Bugger Saddle Hackle
Long 6-7 inch saddle hackle which is ideal for woolly buggers. A large, full ounce package.
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Small Bag Mallard Flanks
Great substitute for Wood Duck. A generous bag of mallard flanks. Many dyed color options also. Each bag is approx 4 grams.
Ringneck Pheasant Centertail Clump
A wonderful clump of ringneck pheasant center tails. Typically 3 long center tails and 3-4 other shorter pheasant tails. These clumps are slighter longer than 14" and must be shipped in a long box. Consider buying more than 1 to save on postage.
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Hebert-Miner Dry Fly Saddle Hackle - Pro Grade
These are 100% Whiting Farms Hebert Miner Pro Grade Saddles. Hebert Miner birds and saddles have amazing natural colors. These saddle packs are a great value and can't be beat. The hackles are extremely long and you can make several flies from each hackle.
Whiting Hackle Gauge
The Whiting Hackle Gauge gives the tier an all new method of measuring hackle for dry fly tying. Taking into account the gape measurements of today’s most popular dry fly hooks, the Whiting Hackle Gauge provides the most accurate and comprehensive measurement tool on the market today. Selecting and sizing hackle can be a very personal choice. You may want to over-hackle or under-hackle a fly. It is no longer realistic to measure to a fixed line as found in conventional hackle gauges. We recommend wrapping the hackle two or three times around the post to gain the clearest view of the hackle size. And, hackle will not slip off the measuring post with the gauges’ unique “nail-head” design. Seeing hackle is also easier with the Whiting Hackle Gauge. Each size range gives you a light and dark area to accommodate any color of hackle.
Whiting Farm Coq De Leon - Silver Grade
Light Pardo
Medium Pardo
These are Whiting Farms Silver Grade Coq De Leon Full Saddles! Coq De Leon are the oldest known feathers used for fly tying - dating back to 1624. Absolutely beautiful!
Whiting Saddle Hackle Bronze Grade
Ntl Grizzly
Lt. Dun
A full saddle for the ultimate in dry fly tying! With long supple quills and incredible barb density capable of tying down to size 26 and even smaller, Whiting Genetic Dry Fly Hackle is the connoisseur’s choice for fly tying. This product line derives its heritage from the legendary Hoffman grizzly super hackle stock. Whiting saddle hackle are slim, long, sleek, shiny, and very much like the Euro saddle feathers. The colors are stunning and the feathers extremely popular. Each Bronze grade pelt will tie a minimum of 500 flies.
Whiting Wooly Bugger Pack
Burnt Orange
Grizzly / Burnt
Whiting Farms Bugger Pack feathers offer the tier an extremely long and naturally tapered feather with super-fine barbs, tapered webbing and supple quill. This type of feather is perfect for palmering woolly bugger style flies of all sizes. Ideal for sizes #4 to #12.
Gadwall Feathers
A nice substitute for mallard feathers. Great as collars on wet & spey flies. A nice bunch of feathers per package.
Whiting Saddle Hackle Pro Grade
Whiting Pro Grade saddle hackle are beautiful full
saddles that are perfect for dry fly tying. With long
quills and great barb density, the Whiting Pro Grade
saddle will easily handle tying down to size 20 flies.
Whiting saddle hackle are slim, long, sleek, shint
and very much like Euro saddle feathers.
Whiting High and Dry Saddles
A full saddle from Whiting Farms that provides amazingly long and consistent hackle feathers that average 9-15 inches in length. Great for sizes 14 - 20. These long consistent feathers are perfect for those tiers who are tying a lot of flies and want feather consistency.
Whiting Dry Fly Capes - Pro Grade
Quill Body
Great for making dry fly bodies and quill bodies. We suggest soaking the quills in water prior to use for easing wrapping. 25 quills per package.
Ostrich Plume
These are full ostrich plumes that are 14 inches or longer. Longer herls than the standard ostrich herl packages. Great for lifelike nymphs. 1 plume per package.
Our Jungle Cock Capes have MOVED!

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Pearl Quill Body
Pearl Quill Body is synthetic body material creating a translucent peacock quill looking body. Pearl quill bodies are very durable and easy to tie. It is great for dry flies, nymphs, wet flies. Use it for fly bodies, ribbings, tips, hot spots. 1 bag contains 5 ft (150cm).
1- Cinnamon                      11 - Green
2 - White                              12 - Orange
3 - Gray                                13 - Blue
4- Red                                  14 - Purple
5 - Olive                                15 - Dark Yellow (not shown)
6 -Olive Brown                    16 - Red Orange
7 -Lt. Olive
8 - Lime
9 - Yellow
10 - Bloody Red (not shown)      NOT all colors available