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Early Season Stonefly -  Fly Tying Materials
Find on this page everything you
need to tie the Early Season
Stonefly pattern!  - john
See how to tie the Early Season Stonefly here
Lead Free Round Wire
This is a great product that all fly tiers need to have on their bench. Not only is this wire a great non-toxic alternative to lead wire, but it's practical and utilitarian in that it is heavy enough to get your flies down quickly. The wire is easy to work and nearly as pliable as lead, but without of course the harmful environmental effects. This soft round wire comes on standard thread spools for convenient accessibility. Perfect for nymphs, wire-ribbed flies and more.
Recommend: .015
Fine wire, down eye. Standard shank length, perfect bend. Needle long barbless point. 25 hooks.
Skalka D1 Dry Fly Hook Size
25 Hooks
Daiichi 1180 Standard Dry Fly Hook This is a standard dry fly hook. Mini-barb, round bend, standard shank length, down-eye, bronze. Package of 25.
25 Hooks
Daiichi 1190 Barbless Dry Fly Hook This is a barb-less, standard dry fly hook. Round bend, standard shank length, down-eye. Package of 25. Size $4.99
25 Hooks
Tungsten Cyclops Black Nickel - Sizes 1.5, 2.0, 2.5
25 beads per pkg. See bead conversion chart for hook sizes.
Tungsten Cyclops Painted Black
25 beads per pkg. See Bead Conversion chart for hook sizes.
Flymaster 6/0 70 Denier
Black thread for the Early Season Stonefly
Recommended Sizes: 14- 16
Recommended Sizes: 2.4mm
Stripped Goose Biots
From the leading edge of the goose wing feathers, these extremely stiff feathers make great antennas, legs, tail, and quill bodies. Ideal for BWO, Nymph and Stone fly patterns. 4 biots per pkg.
Recommend: Black, White, Red
Hareline Dubbin
Recommend: Black or Stonefly
Ultra Wire XS - Standard Colors Spool
Ultra Wire
Ultra Wire sizes:  Extra Small (XS), Small, Brassie, Medium
Recommend: Brassie or Extra Small Copper
Ultra Wire Brassie - Standard Colors Spools $1.60
1/8" Scud Back
Same material as the 1/4" Scud back, but ideal for size 12 and smaller.
Recommend: Brown
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