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Brown/White Deer Belly, 1x1 ~1 sq inch
Hair from the belly or brisket of a deer flares dramatically when thread is tightened over it. This hair is longer,coarser than regular deer hair and is hollow, which holds air to keep the fly afloat.
Mule Deer patch
Excellent spinning hair. Ends tend to be a little shorter than whitetail hair, and they're also not always straight. Very light gray to off white in color. A different color than your traditional whitetail.
Red Stag (Deer) 2x2 ~ 4 sq inches
We've come into some hard to find Red Stag. Not dyed, this is natural deer hair that flairs and is as bouyant as whitetail. Create a different look with Red Stag. Limited quantities.
White Deer Belly, 1x1 ~ 1 sq inch
Hair from the belly or brisket of a deer flares dramatically when thread is tightened over it. This patch is all natural white hair (whitetail deer). Can be easily dyed .
Whitetail Deer Hair - 1x1 ~ 1 sq inch
These 1x1 white tail deer patches are terrrific for the beginning fly tyer.
Whitetail Deer Hair - 2x4 ~ 8 si
Whitetail deer is a staple on every tyer's bench. Perfect for those tyers who want high quality deer hair without having to buy in larger quantities. And a terrific value as well.
Whitetail Deer Hair - 4x4 ~ 16 si
Our premium deer hair and at an exceptional price! We take only the very best pieces of deer hair, based on density, color and length and cut them into these preimum 4x4 sections. Fewer of these pieces per hide but worth it!
Fly Tying Material - Deer Hair
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Deer material is probably the
most widely used material for
fly fishing. From deer hair, to
deer belly or brisket to buck
tail, the natural hairs of deer
are a must for every fly tyer.
Pieces of Bucktail - Multicolors
This is a great package of 6 pieces of dyed Bucktail. If you're just starting to tie flies or need to expand your fly tying supplies with some new colors, this is an inexpensive and ideal way to go. Colors vary per package. Requests can be made, but may not be able to be met.
Large Northern Bucktail
Large Northern Bucktail whole pieces. Carefully dyed to resist fading, bleeding or bleaching of color.
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Comparadun Hair
Superfine deer hair for comparadun patterns. Comparadun hair has a super fine texture, black tips, straight and buoyant.
Pieces of Bucktail - Fluorescent colors
Pieces of bucktail in fluorescent colors. Great for salmon flies and saltwater patterns.