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TFO Bug Launcher Fly Rods
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ALL TFO rods carry a LIFETIME No-Fault Warranty

Lifetime Warranties" on fly rods are worth little for rods that stay in
the closet, and they are definitely a poor substitute for fly rod
performance. For some of you, TFO rods might be your only rod,
and for others who might be adding to a portfolio of rods, we expect
TFO rods might quickly become your favorite.

Temple Fork Outfitters rods prefer to spend their time fishing, and
thus face greater odds of breakage. TFO's NO FAULT LIFETIME
WARRANTY will repair or replace your rod for a reasonable
shipping and handling charge for the life of the registered owner.
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TFO Bug Launcher Fly Rods
Who inspired you to pick up a fly rod?  Chances are it was a parent, your
“favorite” uncle or a close friend that helped you throw your first tailing
loop with great pride.   You probably landed your first fish on a hand-me-
down rod with a missing guide and a doctored tip.  If it’s time for you to
pass your knowledge onto others, Temple Fork Outfitters has the perfect
rod to hand down; introducing the Bug Launcher series of fly rods.

Bug Launchers include thinner diameter compressed cork grips for a
better fit in smaller hands.  The yellow Bug Launcher logo stands out
against a candy apple red blank.  Speaking of blanks, this series is made
from general graphite so there’s less risk when that passing dragonfly
happens to take a swipe.  An extended reel seat allows smaller anglers to
use two hands for more control.  Two models, a 7’ 4/5 weight and an 8’
5/6 weight, both are 2 piece and are priced at $79.95.

Bug Launcher fly rods make great gifts and will make for many great
memories of shared time together.
Smaller handles for smaller hands.
Perfect for anglers of any age.
Wingaersheek Flies stocks all Bug Launcher model rods in
our store for immediate shipment. If you are unable to
purchase one, it means we are currently out-of stock of that
model. Call us at 978-525-3303 to find out when a new
shipment is arriving. Chances are it will be in the next 2-3
Bug Launcher
Consider buying an NXT reel for your Bug Launcher rod!